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Group video conferences: These meetings can host up to participants (or 1, if you purchase the “large meeting” add-on). There is even a. Meetings: The cost for hosting your meeting is free to you. The university has purchased a block of licensing from Zoom, so that every eligible individual. Zoom Pricing Plans ; $0, Forever, $/month/license; $/year/license; *up to 9 licenses, $/month/license; $/year/license; *up to 90 licenses.


– How much is a zoom webinar license – none:


You also get unlimited cloud storage for all your call recordings, even more powerful analytics tools in the form of executive business reviews, and a dedicated customer success agent for support. Choosing the Enterprise plan can also get you discounts on Zoom pricing if you bundle in other Zoom services, such as Zoom Rooms and Zoom Video Webinars.

Zoom Phone is an add-on service that upgrades Zoom from a teleconferencing hub into a full-on call management center. It can also reroute and record calls, too! You can even keep your existing phone number to use with it! You must have at least one person on your account with at least a Zoom Meetings Pro subscription to use this feature. For example, your company may need a centralized place to call potential customers or partners from. Or you may set up Zoom Phone to act as your customer service hotline, responding to calls and messages from clients who need their questions answered.

Zoom Rooms offers a specialized software-driven solution that turns space in your office into a custom conference room! As for installing the system, you can do it yourself by following these instructions. Zoom Rooms make it simple to do things like start and join Zoom meetings, as well as share content wirelessly with coworkers in your immediate vicinity. It even supports touch screen displays, and integrates with several common calendar apps to make booking, monitoring, and managing your room s a snap!

You can purchase this add-on to order special devices that integrate your on-hand hardware with Zoom Rooms! You must have a Zoom Rooms license for at least one other room in your office to use this feature. Zoom even has a platform for hosting large-scale interactive online webinars with up to panelists and anywhere from to 10, attendees depending on the plan you select.

It streamlines the registration process by allowing you to add your branding to invitation emails and sign-up forms, integrating with many common CMS platforms, and even permitting pay-for-admission through a Zapier PayPal add-on. Zoom Video Webinars has a bunch of other neat features, too. You can engage attendees by running polls and including a section for asking questions.

Increase accessibility with closed captioning and auto-generating transcripts, all while automatically recording the session for future use. You can even simulcast to Facebook Live and YouTube to extend your audience even further! Zoom conference pricing is based on the maximum number of attendees not including panelists you want to allow at each webinar, as well as how many people have host licenses to schedule webinars. Zoom Video Webinars is best used by larger-scale companies looking to show off what services they have to offer, or what their product can do, to a broad audience.

Zoom offers a few other add-on packages to increase accessibility. These include the Audio Plan, for making phoning into meetings easier, and the Additional Cloud Recording Storage plan, to keep more meeting records if your conferences tend to last a while.

You must have at least one person on your account with a Zoom Meetings Pro subscription or higher-level subscription to use either of these features. The Audio Plan add-on provides some extra flexibility for when people may need to join your meetings by phone instead of via the Internet.

Some of the things it provides include toll-free call-in numbers, or even dedicated call-in numbers for particular meeting rooms though this costs extra. There is an additional charge per GB used if you go over the limits specified by these plans. Zoom has specialized plans and prices for particular industries and applications that Zoom is well-suited for.

Zoom has packages available for both elementary and post-secondary schools that can be leveraged in many different ways. Virtual meetings and office hours can make mentorship opportunities between students and teachers more accessible, such as study groups, tutoring sessions, and career counseling. Administering your communications solution has never been easier with a paid Zoom license. System admins have more control over managing their end-users and how they interact with our platform.

For instance, admins can remotely provision licenses, remove users from the account, customize notifications, and enable cloud recording. With a Pro license, system admins can access the Reports section.

Account owners and admins can see how many meetings are happening in the organization and when, number of participants, number of meeting minutes, and more.

Leveraging these capabilities reduces friction in the user experience and drives productivity gains, leading to a more effective workforce. And who knows — maybe your app will get published on the Zoom App Marketplace for others to use! When you upgrade your free Zoom account to an annual Pro account by Nov. Maximum of 9 Annual Licenses per Purchase. Ready to upgrade? Log in to zoom.


Zoom Webinar and Large Meeting Licenses – IT Services.


Online and hybrid events give you flexibility to reach more people in engaging ways. Use our step-by-step guide to plan and execute a successful virtual event of any size or scale. When your speakers and attendees can join from anywhere, it creates amazing opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, teaching and learning, and connecting on a more personal level.

If you are hosting in-person events, you can still add a virtual component to expand your reach. Hybrid events create an experience that in-person and virtual audiences can enjoy together. Asking the right questions will allow you to build a strong foundation for planning and making decisions, from choosing the right speakers to figuring out how and where you should promote your event. Knowing your target audience will help you shape your entire event experience, from your agenda and schedule to the content you provide.

Consider what value you can bring to your audience in terms of content, networking, and other opportunities. Immersive, interactive, collaborative — think about how you want your attendees to engage with the content, speakers, and other event-goers.

Whether you want to educate current customers or find potential leads, understand your goals and objectives and create a strategy around achieving them. For first-time virtual event planners, we recommend no less than four to six weeks for most events. Give yourself at least 12 weeks for a large, multi-day online event with concurrent tracks. Engage your IT team or hire a tech expert early on — Zoom Events offers event experts to assist customers with setup, planning, rehearsal, and live support and include them in all your meetings to identify technology limitations, recommend solutions, test, and fix issues.

Allocate budget for attendee acquisition and marketing, content development, speaker fees, attendee gifts, and video and audio equipment. Metrics will vary depending on your event objectives, audience size, industry, and type of event. The right tools will make planning easier and help your event go more smoothly. Depending on the experience you want to provide, research and select your tools in the early stages of planning so you can make the right decisions for your event and be more efficient with your time and efforts.

Zoom Events is a virtual event platform for hosting single-session, multi-session, multi-day, and multi-track events. Zoom Events builds on the functionality of Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars by adding dedicated event hubs, robust registration and ticketing options, and attendee networking to all of your event types public or private, free or paid.

You are able to publish your events to a private or public hub to make it easy for attendees to join. Deciding whether to use Zoom Meetings or Zoom Webinars for an individual session is an important choice. The right solution will allow you to design an experience that meets your objectives and ultimately results in a successful event.

Zoom Events users can easily choose which one to use for an individual session within your event. When planning a larger session, you may want to use the webinar option for keynotes, guest speakers, and entertainment think main stage and the meetings option for breakout tracks and smaller roundtable discussions.

Zoom Meetings. Zoom Webinars. Do you want participants to interact with each other, or do you want the focus on your presenters? If you want the audience to be on video, speak , or share their screen , then go with Zoom Meetings.

If you want the event to be view-only , where the host controls which attendees are seen or heard, then go with the webinar platform. Attendees you know e. Breakout sessions Attendee roundtables Focus groups Smaller, interactive trainings Networking sessions. Keynotes Main stage presentations Live event entertainment Product demonstrations to a large audience Town-hall-style panels. Zoom Webinars are great for single-session, one-to-many presentations.

If you purchase a Zoom Events license, you also get all of the benefits of Zoom Webinars and more. You may choose to host Webinars from the web portal versus setting up the event in Zoom Events. Or use Zoom Events to add to the capabilities of Zoom Webinars to connect multiple webinar sessions and combine them with Zoom Meetings for longer, more interactive virtual experiences.

Zoom Events includes complete event management with features like branded events hubs, registration and ticketing, and enhanced reporting. Use Zoom Events for longer and more involved events like sales kick-offs, customer events, town halls, and employee onboarding. Integrate with marketing platforms like Marketo , Pardot , and HubSpot to automatically capture Zoom Webinars attendees as leads.

Kaltura and Panopto integrations allow you to transfer Zoom recordings and share them with a larger audience. Want to charge for your event?

An online event can be so much more than sitting at a computer viewing a live feed or video. From pre-event prep to the live experience, see how you can build interactivity and engagement into your event. A virtual event should have a quicker pace that keeps attendees engaged and helps prevent drop-off.

Use the Zoom Events lobby to allow registered participants to connect and network before and during your event. Set up and promote topics with all participants two weeks before the event to start a dialogue and pose questions to encourage attendees to interact. What would your attendees have received at an in-person event? Send it in the mail or with a delivery service for a happy surprise. Use tools like Slido , Kahoot! Let attendees engage with each other in smaller groups during your event.

You can assign attendees to Breakout Rooms in real time, pre-assign attendees, or allow them to self-select which room they want to join and move freely between rooms. All you need to know about Zoom Breakout Rooms. Send a post-event survey to collect feedback after your event. Sign up for the Introduction to Zoom Events webinar.

Request a demo. Running a successful online event is a team effort! Leverage Zoom Chat to create dedicated channels with your team planning the virtual event to stay aligned on tasks and action items. Zoom Chat allows you to collaborate in real time with internal as well as external team members. Your production schedule should include a timeline of all sessions, presenter information, transitions, procedures, and breaks, and when they will take place.

Clearly define and visualize your online event experience with technical specs for each session, live streaming options, and other details to align producers with technical and presentation teams. Do a dry run with your presenters to test cameras, microphones, lighting, and other settings, and practice intros, content, and transitions.

Get your dry run checklist. Decide whether you want to livestream to Facebook Live , YouTube Live , a custom service , or multiple platforms at once using restream. Decide who is responsible for this process and how it will be done. You may wish to record to the cloud or locally. Send presenters how-to resources for using Zoom and ensuring audio and video quality ahead of time.

This will help you avoid any tech issues with an unstable wifi connection, which can affect audio quality and the overall attendee experience. Encourage presenters to do the same. Use a standalone microphone or good headset for the best audio quality. Set your audio settings to suppress background noise. Open your video settings to enable HD, adjust for low lighting, and touch up your appearance if needed.

You can create a branded virtual background for all presenters that shows their name, company, and title. If you prefer not to use a virtual background, make sure your real background is clean and uncluttered. Choose solid colors over stripes or small, busy patterns. Put together a folder of digital assets with a virtual background template, event graphics, and sample social media post copy, so they can promote their session to their network. Create assets that allow you to market your event effectively and drive attendees to your website to learn more.

Your landing page or event website should provide your visitors with all the information they need to register and attend your event. Compile a list of resources, like blog posts or websites for further reading, or an event chat channel on Zoom for event-goers. Draw your audience in and promote your brand with visual assets that persuade target prospects to attend. A sizzle reel can also help generate excitement about your event on social media and in other marketing efforts.

Start promoting your online event at least two to three weeks ahead of time to drive registration numbers. Send marketing emails and reminders. Consider using video content in emails to get prospects and registrants excited about the event. Content marketing enables you to tell the story of your event, provide information, and go more in-depth than an email. Use the right keywords to increase organic traffic.

We are counting down the hours until Zoomtopia! A press release and media outreach highlighting notable speakers and other compelling details can get your event in front of more eyes. Put together a media list with industry publications and look for outlets that cover events like yours to reach your target audience. Be sure to offer interested reporters invitations to the live event. Get followers buzzing with an event hashtag, graphics, and social media campaign.

Create visual assets and sample social posts partners and speakers can easily use, like a graphic template they can tweak to add their name and session information. From the dry run absolutely necessary! Schedule a dry run about one week before your event with your production team, event hosts, speakers, and anyone else with an active role, to address any issues before the big day.

Dry run checklist: Everything you need to go over. A webinar practice session lets the host start the webinar and allows only the panelists and co-hosts to join. Give your speakers a call time to join 10 to 20 minutes earlier than the event starts so they can join the practice session , test their audio and video, and troubleshoot last-minute problems before broadcasting live.

Only hosts and co-hosts can click the Start Webinar button during a practice session. This action cannot be undone, so only click the button once everyone is ready to go live! Try to launch your webinar a few minutes early to allow attendees time to join before the program starts.

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