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The polling feature for meetings allows you to create single choice or multiple choice polling questions for your meetings. You will be able to launch the poll during your meeting and gather the responses from your attendees. You also have the ability to download a report of polling during and after the meeting. Polls can also be conducted anonymously, if you do not wish to collect participant information with the poll results.

You can preset poll questions ahead of time with your scheduled meetings. You can download a report of the poll results during and after the meeting. When viewing a report of the poll results, take note of these things:.

If registration was turned on and the poll was not anonymous, it will list the participants’ names and email addresses. If registration was not on, the polling report will show the profile names of unauthenticated participants and the names and email addresses of authenticated participants. If the poll was anonymous, it will show “anonymous” for the participants’ names and email addresses. Participants on the iOS or Android mobile app can use polling, but hosts need to be using the desktop client to manage polling.

Only the original meeting host can edit or add polls during a meeting. If the host or co-host role is transferred to another user, that user will only be able to launch polls already created. You can only create a max of 25 polls for a single meeting. If a poll is relaunched in a meeting, the poll report will only display the last poll occurrence. If you know you will need to launch the same poll twice and want both sets of data, consider creating a second poll with the same questions as the original to avoid re-launching.

Breakout Rooms. Breakout rooms allow you to split your Zoom meeting in up to 50 separate sessions. The meeting host can choose to split the participants of the meeting into these separate sessions automatically or manually, or they can allow participants to select and enter breakout sessions as they please. The host can switch between sessions at any time.

Local and cloud recording allows you to record your meeting’s video, audio, and chat text. You can download them from your cloud storage later and upload them to another platform on your website, Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook. This will help create room.

If you record on your local machine, when the meeting ends or you as the host ends it, a popup will show up and start downloading your recording.

After that, it will ask where you want to save the recording and then you can access the files it downloaded such as the chat, just audio, video, and anything else you selected in your account or meeting settings. Attendee Registration. Scheduling a meeting that requires registration will allow participants register with their e-mail, name, other questions, and custom questions, allowing you to capture more information about your attendees.

Once this is scheduled, you can manage your registrants , resend confirmation emails , and can also generate meeting registration reports if you want to download a list of people that registered. Note : Participants joining meetings with registration must use the Zoom desktop client or mobile app. They will not be able to join using the web client.

This will also limit any chances of random attendees. Then, we scheduled all our meetings and copied the join links into 1 follow-up email for all those that registered with access to all the meetings. Support Forum – search for your question.

Get Involved. Take Action. License Plate. Habitat Restoration. Youth Education. Native Trout. Attendees who click the link in the invite to join will not have to enter the passcode.

If an attendee enters the meeting ID into their Zoom application or online to join, they will have to locate and type the passcode to join the meeting. When adding a passcode after a meeting invite has been sent, you MUST re-send the invite so participants receive the passcode to join the meeting.

Whether you are using the Zoom plugin for Outlook, the Zoom desktop application, or in the Zoom web portal, you can add a passcode to a new meeting during scheduling. Select Require meeting password and enter the code, which will then appear in the meeting invite. A participant dialing in will not be required to enter the passcode unless that feature is turned on by the host.

Zoom does not require a strong passcode. A simple word or series of digits is acceptable for a meeting passcode — the more complex the passcode, the more difficult it will be for attendees who have to type it in to join your Zoom session. Click Save at the bottom of the window Your meeting invitation will include the passcode.



How to set up a zoom meeting code – how to set up a zoom meeting code:.

Click to expand the Advanced Options. Select Require meeting password and enter a passcode for the meeting.


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