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Zoom slider in outlook 2010 is grayed out –

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2.) Click on Compact and then select Modify > Other Settings > Uncheck Automatic Column Sizing (and any other options you want). Then OK. 3.). Understanding the Outlook Program Screen. Zoom Slider: Click and drag the slider to zoom in or out of captured is not grayed out.


How can I set the zoom of the Outlook reading pane? – Super User.


Greyed out zoom tool. I can’t figure out why the zoom tool is greyed out all of a sudden. I’ve tried all the view option and none of them just give me a simple one-page document displayed large enough for me to read. Something has changed and I can’t figure out what. In the past, I have always been able to open my document, click the zoom tool, set the percent of zoom, and my document enlarged.

Now that process doesn’t work. Stefan Blom Windows 10 Office On the View tab, click the Vertical option in the Page Movement group.

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More like, “Welcome to the world of Blurry Text. Your instructions were clear, life-saving, and they worked without prompting for admin credentials. Great job, sir. Matt: Thank you very much for this great coding.

I coded this and tested it on W7 and on Wit works. Well, since I really needed this functionality, I found a way. Aside: I have my reading pane turned off. Hope this procedure helps out other people with bad eyes like mine. PFA my contact info in case you need to contact me. Take care. Any suggestions? Thanks Matt! As per your spex: I successfully adjusted the Main Calendar View font size; it works; thanks!

I am now getting a strange good phenomenon when the WEBEX meeting invitations is in the email “loop” or “chain”:. So whatever you did for the WEBEX meeting invitation email case, maybe there’s a way to clone it into the regular email case? Is there a way to turn off Automatic Column Sizing on default level across all folders and sub-folders? Could this be using VBA or any other way?

Hi Dinomax, there are a few simple ways to do this without any scripting or macros. You can apply the setting to a single folder and then tell Outlook to apply that same setting across all mailboxes and folders within a couple of clicks. You can alternatively modify the default view with these settings to automatically inherit in the future. The first part:. Disable the automatic column sizing option in one of your Outlook mail folders, so the view is how you want it. Click OK. Now every existing folder and subfolder will reflect this change.

You may have to repeat this process once for IMAP folders and a second time for local Outlook folders if you have a mix of both. Then OK.

Repeat this for the Single and Preview views as well if you wish to ensure that all default views will have the automatic column sizing disabled. You will still want to perform the original steps to ensure all existing folders apply the settings, but future ones should then also be set. Hope this helps.

I can’t thank you enough for for your reply and all the help. I was unaware of managing views in the recently updated outlook on my machine. However, based on your comments above I have been able to resolve my issue. When I open the “certmgr”, it appears under the ‘Personal’ section. Can I just use that digital certificate, or is a new unique one required for the macro to work properly?

Hi Dan, that certificate should work fine as long as it is still valid. Hi Matt, Thanks very much for solving a problem faced by many people growing older with weakening eye-sight. MS should consider to add this feature in future versions. Thanks again! Regards, Binay. I’ve had this fix working fine in Outlook in Windows 10 v I just upgraded to v and this fix now only works if I set macro security to “Notifications for all macros” which results in nag screen every time I start Outlook I double checked the signature and can’t figure out why it no longer works as before.

Any advice? I completed the “The Right and Automated Way to Zoom Messages” procedure, but upon “saving” my code from the VBA editor task 7 under “Step 4 – Write the Macro,” above, the warning “there was a problem with the digital certificate. Thanks and congrats for this excellent solution and tutorial. Same as Hans, Evie, Jim, Al Diovanni and possibly the many others I appreciate if someone propose a solution to adjust default zoom size of the reading pane.

My first digital signature didn’t work after starting outlook I didn’t got the notification about the signed macro , but I don’t know why. I did everything as listed.

I simply created a second digital signature and repeated the steps and the second time it was working and I could allow all macros from this signature in the notification.

Is there a way to merge your Macro and this one? That would provide an “all-round” solution. Inspectors that this is only valid in an Object Module. Thanks, Matt! That’s great.

When I moved that macro below Matt’s text, everything worked great. This information is unbelievably wonderful. I have been searching for so many options to lock the zoom. I’m using outlook at my office and the natural font is just too small in the receiving emails.

I can’t believe how simple and accurate your steps were. I truly appreciate your help. I got the compile error as well since I had other macros already. Moving the four Dim statements to the top below Option Explicit for me since I have that turned on fixed the error. Many thanks for a brilliant tutorial. I don’t write VBA and this will save my sanity and eyesight as the whole thing has caused me eyestrain, working from home on a laptop and a monitor where I needed this.

Also can I assign a keyboard shortcut so the macro will be applied only when I have the message opened and press the key combination rather than applying the zoom for all messages by default? Matt, thanks for a comprehensive article. I recognise that it will be good for a few years and then the continuing deterioration of my eyes will overtake that fix, but maybe MS will have sorted this issue themselves by that time.

I have found that the image is sharp enough for ordinary office work Word, Excel and Outlook. The 27″ monitors are a bit more expensive, but not too bad. A bigger problem can be fitting the larger device onto my physical desktop.

Chris, thank you for the comment. In discussing monitor size with the friend that I was helping on this issue, we did weigh the benefits of a 27″ vs. One potential drawback is that the pixel density is lower on a 27″ vs 24″ at the same resolution so edges of characters can end up looking a bit pixelated if viewing very close, which is why it is also common to see p 27″ monitors these days that have more dense pixels for sharper text display.

So in the future it may be more logical to pivot to the webmail version of Outlook, since I don’t personally see Outlook ever correcting this problem for desktop. Below is a screenshot taken from Outlook. Time limit is exhausted. Allowed file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, rar, zip , maximum file size: 64MB. Outlook Auto Zoom Macro.

WordEditor ‘Update default zoom percentage wDoc. Dim ZoomLevel As Integer. End Sub. Dim wDoc As Word. If Inspector. End If. In your code I changed line wDoc. Hi C Appel, The main issue is that the window context does not get adequately refreshed when using the message navigation buttons.

Matt, I forgot to say thanks, as I was able to get it to work with Outlook Ver15 as long as the corresponding references were selected. Hi Matt, Thanks for your explanations. Best, Matthias. Please try the following: 1. Hope this helps! Never mind, i found my error. I forgot to activate Mic.

Word Matt: This doesn’t work tho when using short cut keys to move from one email to the other. Is there a work-around to have this work when using “CTRl-. Thank you! I have been trying to figure this out for many years! Hello Is there an easy way to add the Reading Pane view so that it stays constant on zoom? In step 9 i get compile error: Invalid outside procedure How do I fix this? All the best, Tom Eckrich Indianapolis. Is it possible to advance the macro for Meeting request zoom level?

Thank you Matt! Hi Matt, I tried your solution and it works great, however, I would now like to remove this functionality. Matt, It seems Microsoft has changed the location of “SelfCert. Thank you. Hi Robert, Glad you got it working, sometimes the way Outlook behaves it is easy to end up in the wrong scripting area or have other conflicts until restarting the software.

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Improve this answer. CaldeiraG 2, 7 7 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. Joe Joe 31 2 2 bronze badges. I’ve been searching for a solution to this problem for literally ten years. I didn’t realize this had been added. Thank you so much for the information! I wish I could give this upvotes. G-Man Says ‘Reinstate Monica’ 7, 21 21 gold badges 38 38 silver badges 81 81 bronze badges. Cheers – that certainly works for plain text messages in Outlook WordEditor wdDoc.

Windows 1. Panes 1. In the future, please write your posts in English! As far as I can tell, this only seems to set the zoom when you open an email which you can do by simply using the zoom option in the ribbon after you open one.

Doesn’t seem to affect the Preview Pane — Wade Hatler. Aakash Shah Aakash Shah 5 5 bronze badges. Selection 1 Application. RemoveFromSelection Msg Application. AddToSelection Msg sExplorer. WordEditor Document. Item 1. It looks like a lot of work went into your answer. Are you sure you want to trash it? Your email must be hosted on a Microsoft Exchange server in order to enable the Outlook integration with Pipeline.

If you’re not sure what you’re using, check with your email administrator, they’ll be able to help you out! If you’ve checked with your email administrator and you don’t think one of these three issues applies to you, contact customercare pipelinecrm.

Logging into your Pipeline account from the add-in. Clicking on the ribbon will open the Pipeline for Outlook slide-in. To sign in, enter the Pipeline account username and password that you wish to sync with.

You will be asked to approve sharing permissions between Pipeline and Outlook to complete the connection. If the sync works, you will see a success page to verify the connection is enabled between Outlook and Pipeline. Click on the 3 horizontal dots next to the reply and forward buttons. Select PipelineDeals for Outlook. Sign in to your Microsoft account when prompted. When you’ve successfully logged in to your Microsoft account, you will see a success page to verify that the connection is enabled between Outlook and Pipeline.

Once installed, you will need to create a ‘Pipeline’ category under manage Categories to sync new contacts and calendar events into Pipeline. Apply the ‘Pipeline’ category to sync any contact or calendar event into Pipeline. All contacts and calendar events created in Pipeline will sync to your Outlook account with the category automatically applied. Why is my Microsoft Store icon not appearing? Please go to Outlook and select File and double check that the account that you are signed in with is the correct account associated to your Exchange Server.

You can also try these instructions that we found online. My email is hosted locally, can I use the Outlook plugin?

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