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You only need one method, even just a username and password, to play Genshin Impact. Feel free to share other Genshin Impact tips and ask questions in the comments! I can make more guides based on what questions people have. Follow on your favorite social site or get email alerts of new guides : YouTube Twitter Facebook. Just create an account and play through some of the intro until you can open the menu. You cannot change Username however. Usernames cannot be unlinked.

Next go to the Settings menu from the Gear icon:. In here is the Linked Accounts menu, press any of these buttons to start linking the relevant accounts:. A standard Username and Password is the lighest way to set up your Genshin Impact account, but if you forget your password it can be a problem. If you use a Username, I recommend linking at least one of the other methods below as well. The process on PC is also relatively simple.

The second method would be using the User Center inside Genshin Impact. This method is better if you automatically log in to the game but forget your password and want to reset it. Because only one login can be active at any time, changing your password increases your account security against potential hackers. The iPhone allows you to use the mobile version of the Genshin Impact official website to change email addresses or passwords. On Android devices, you have two options to change either security setting.

If you do not have all the information as per the headings, then try to include as much info the verifies your ownership of your account. Also, follow us on Google News , Instagram , and Twitter for quick updates. Mihoyo needs help someone stole my account in genshin and changed the login because as I change the password it logs me to another account please help.

Someone might delete my genshin acc and ive worked so hard on that one. Am i able to get it back then? Image by miHoYo. Curious to know more? Subscribe to our mailing list to get the new updates! Enter your Email address. Notify of.


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Constantly change passwords and use a strong one Even if players are sure, their password is safe, changing the password now and then is a. Visit your account’s ACCOUNT INFO page, and then open the PASSWORD AND SECURITY settings. Enter your current password in the CURRENT PASSWORD field. Enter the.


‘Genshin Impact’ 2FA: Everything to know about two-factor authentication.


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