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May 22,  · Phone users can make and receive calls using the Zoom desktop client or mobile app. As the account owner or admin, you can provision and assign devices to users that require a phone or device. Each user can be assigned up to 3 phones or devices. You can also add a common area phone that is shared by several users in your organization. Just use an incognito tab and join as many meetings as you wish. Join using multiple accounts on different devices. This one might not be as handy as the first one, but it can work for people with multiple email IDs. All you have to do is create multiple accounts from multiple accounts and you can log in to them from different devices. Jun 18,  · You can sign in to Zoom with one computer, one tablet, and one mobile at a time. When logging in to another device of the same type, if you sign in to another device, you will be automatically logged out of the first device. In other words, you can not sign in simultaneously on two computers or two mobiles.


– Can you use zoom on multiple devices – can you use zoom on multiple devices:


I was just wondering if you book the Zoom Package with multiple devices if you can use them with others? My parents are going on the cruise with us and are staying in the connecting room right next to us.

Is it possible for me to book the 3 device package and have my dad use his ipad with my booking? I was just wondering if you book the Voom Package with multiple devices if you can use them with others? So, just looking at the internet sale for my booking. One device voom is 9. You only need to buy a package for the number of devices which you will need to connect at the same time you can share logins – ignore the per person issue or any RCI math. Thanks Biker, just thought it would be nice if the wife could have her own so we could text each other on the ship, not happening at that price.

Unlikely Radiance will have the RCI app texting option by the time you sail, so other than paying for texts via the ship’s cell tower, VOOM is the only way. When you check out you only select one passenger when purchasing a 2 device package. EDIT: If your price is coming out to I’m suspecting that you are some how purchasing three two device packages. Multi device packages are always the cheapest way to go per device. Thanks, You are exactly right, I was peeling apples to make pies and I realized my mistake.

I always buy the 4-device plan, even though I personally only need one device. I “sell” the other three devices to other cruisers — either friends who are also on the cruise, or people I find on the Roll Call Thread or on social media.

We meet up on embarkation day, and they give me cash or Paypal me the money, and I give them the log-in information. I’ve been doing this for a couple years now, and it has always worked well.

Hope it’s ok to piggy-back on this topic with a related question about sharing a 4-device pkg which I bought to share with my traveling group. Does it mean only 4 individual devices for the week, period? Or does it mean 4 devices online at one time? In other words, I’m wondering if I must choose between using my phone OR my laptop.

If I use one, then the other, have I now used 2 devices of allotted 4? To log off the first device, don’t just “turn off” the wifi — go to logoff. Then you can log on the second device you want to use instead. Then make sure to log off the second device when you want to switch back to your first device.

You must be very careful to log off when needed. Nothing feels worse than forgetting to log off your laptop which you left at your stateroom, which you noticed when you got to your table at the MDR and had no Internet access and no way to login. The new platform available lets you “switch” devices. It warns you have reached the maximum number of devices. The trick with multiple device plans is guessing which other device will get kicked off so you can join the next device.

So, at least on Symphony, if you logged on, you would boot the other person off, which actually worked well for us. Sorry if I’m resurrecting this thread, but a friend of ours purchased a 4-Device package for our upcoming Anthem sailing together.

She got basically no instructions as to how it all works, so I’m guessing they’ll be something in her stateroom when she boards? How do you get the login credentials, etc? I did get no instructions at check-in – when I connected to the WiFi using my name and cabin Number the package was loaded as a coupon – easy to connect.

Don’t expect anything in the room other than what I mentioned above. There’ll be a VOOM specialist on board to help you if they need it, but it’s easy to set up. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It’s easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By LauraS Started October 12, Royal Caribbean International. Voom Package – Multiple Devices. Share More sharing options Followers 1.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. BoozinNCruisin Posted November 27, Posted November 27, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Biker19 Posted November 27, Posted November 27, edited. SRF Posted November 27, You, you can buy multiple One Device packages.

So why would anybody buy a multiple device package at 3 times the price?? Posted November 28, Ren Posted November 28, Ourusualbeach Posted November 28, SRF Posted November 28, One thing is, different ships handle to many devices in different ways.

So tell the extra device that a device needs to be logged off before it can log on. On some ships, it just logs someone off. Posted December 11, Posted December 13, EDiamond22 Posted December 13, Posted December 14, edited. Posted December 27, Yes, they will give you instructions at check-in.

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